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Available only in Nigeria

Introducing BetaGTM 

Improve your sales, finance your invoices and fulfil your orders!

Brands Have The Following Challenges


  • Can I get paid today instead of waiting 30 to 60 days?

How can I get paid earlier?

img 1.png
  • How do we get our products into many viable supermarkets?

  • Do stores still have stock?

  • Are our products on the shelf?

  • Are they visible?

How do we sell faster and get into new stores?


  • How can we deliver our products efficiently to hundreds of stores every month?

How can I supply orders quickly & efficiently?

  • Where are our products selling?

  • How do our products compare to others on price, packaging & value?

  • Do we have white spaces?

What can we improve/optimise?

Our Solution - BetaGTM


  • We help provide financing for your receivables so you can concentrate on making great products


  • We help you track stock levels & in-store visibility of your products across all your retail outlets

  • We help you expand into new viable stores 

Merchandising & Expansion

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 03.10.18.png

  • We help provide sales & logistics support and help you sell your products faster

Fulfilment Support

  • We help provide insights and analytics to show you where your  products are being sold and opportunities for growth

Data Insights


Join us and take your brand to the next level! 

Contact us for more information

Biz Dev Team - 01 888 0112 - Phone 

                           081 5554 6404 - Whatsapp



Wunmi - 08133029618 (Phone & Whatsapp)



Dipo - 081 6575 0793 (Phone & Whatsapp)


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