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  • Field agency

  • Distributors / retailers

  • Delivery company

Field agency

Our agents are  talented individuals with a drive to help local businesses find ways to grow. They earn rewards by training local businesses and keeping them updated with the latest informations about our product to keep retailers growing.

Distributors / retailers

Retailers are business owners who are facing and finding a working solution to the challenges of the supply chain.

Our partner as a retailer will make distribution be run smoothly and instantly get access to our warehouse with  a large choice of product, direct store supply, and fidelity advantages ( free delivery, discounts, health insurrance, etc)

Delivery company

Logistics partners are drivers passionated of handling B2B transportation. They move goods from distributors’ warehouses to retailers’ stores safely.

Logistics operators benefit from our expansive customer base when they partner with us. Drivers interact with distributors and retailers, directly expanding their network and pushing up service sales.

Very experimented on the road, our drivers make sure customers receive their orders on time with no complaints.

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